...a few leaves...

In a grove of trees, the Buddha took up a few leaves in his hand and said: 'What do you think is more numerous? These few leaves that I have taken up in my hand or those in the grove overhead?

'The leaves taken up in the hand are few, but those in the grove overhead are numerous.

'So too, the things I have directly known but have not taught you are numerous, while the things I have taught you are few. And why have I not taught those many things? Because they are irrelevant to the fundamentals of the spiritual life, not leading to direct knowing of enlightenment.

'And what have I taught? I have taught: "This is suffering; it's causes, its cessation and the way leading to its cessation." And why have I taught this? Because this is beneficial, relevant to the fundamentals of the spiritual life, to peace, to enlightenment, and Nibanna.'

SN 56:31